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Posted in database state, ID Cards by ukliberty on March 27, 2009

Shami Chakrabarti in the Times:

… After the events of 9/11 it was assumed that people didn’t care about their privacy any more and would buy into an idea that security is more important. I say that we should start with the idea that people have a fundamental right to privacy that you interfere with only for a very good reason.

Government has been too lax about passing data between different departments for different purposes. Further, it has not won people’s trust that it can manage databases properly. When setting up a database we should ask: “Is it necessary? For what purpose are we holding the information? Is it excessive? Who has access?”

The National Identity Register is a case in point. Over the past decade I have been told it was for counter-terrorism, immigration control, benefit fraud. If you are not clear about your purposes, how can you ensure appropriate information storage and use? …

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