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eBorders arrest rate worse than that for random stops and searches

Posted in law and order, surveillance society by ukliberty on March 17, 2009

I thought readers would be interested to know that the arrest rate for eBorders, an ostensibly targeted screening program, is many times worse than that for ostensibly random stops and searches under s44 Terrorism Act 2000.

Thanks to James Bridle’s FOIA requests for figures for s44, we know that the Met’s use of s44  has so far resulted in 2,108 arrests out of 191,478 stops and searches – arrest rate 1.1%.

[update 20 March] Or take David Mery’s calculation (see comments below).  There were 3,469 arrests out of 275,300 S44(1) and S44(2) stop and searches  in England and Wales – arrest rate 1.26%.


Thanks to a Borders Agency spokesperson we know that eBorders has so far resulted in 2900 arrests out of 82 million passenger screens – arrest rate 0.0035%.

And they think that’s good?