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List of official harrassment of photographers in UK

Posted in law and order, state-citizen relationship by ukliberty on March 16, 2009

Matt Wardman has compiled this rather interesting list:

Chris Dillow wrote about this in response to the latest mad Terrorism Law. A commentator called “Jon” made this wholly remarkable assertion:

The s. 58 offence has been on the books since 19 February 2001, and yet we have not been overwhelmed with tales of confiscated cameras and abused photographers.

So I thought I’d compile a list of just a few of the instances that I have come across. This page is a work in progress. I have initially taken a number of accounts from EPUK here, and added some others I know about. There must be hundreds or thousands if it is this easy to find them. At present there are about 15 in detail and links to another 20 accounts. I can think of another dozen to add without breaking sweat. …

Matt tells me he’s now up to 100 and counting…