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Why is Straw dishonest about the Labour’s illiberalism?

Posted in politicians on liberty, rhetorical questions, surveillance society by ukliberty on March 5, 2009

More generally, despite the claims of a systematic erosion of liberty by those organising this weekend’s Convention on Modern Liberty, my very good constituency office files show no recent correspondence relating to fears about the creation in Britain of a “police state” or a “surveillance society”. 

Jack Straw in the Guardian

The implication seems to be that there is no evidence of such fear if Jack Straw doesn’t receive such correspondence from the good people of Blackburn.

But perhaps Jack should check the letters sent to his Ministerial office, too, for example:

Many of Britain’s leading professional bodies have joined Privacy International and colleague NGO’s to call for the complete withdrawal of the controversial clause 152 data sharing powers. An open letter signed by thirty organisations ranging from the Royal College of Psychiatrists to the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association has condemned the new powers as a dangerous threat to privacy, and has demanded the removal of the clause from the Coroners & Justice Bill.


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