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Posted in freedom of information, ID Cards by ukliberty on March 5, 2009

Tony Collins in Computer Weekly:

The wording of the ruling by the Information Tribunal that two early gateway reviews on the ID Cards scheme should be published makes the Office of Government Commerce look foolish.

The Tribunal found, for instance, that the OGC had fielded several (very senior) witnesses, and there were passages in the written statements of more than one witness that read almost identically.

“The Tribunal noted in the course of the appeal that various passages in the statements of more than one witness read virtually identically.”

More detail on the points raised during the case – in particular,

Anyone reading the Tribunal’s ruling could easily form the view that the OGC as an organisation is either set apart from reality, or, for reasons nobody is sure of, obsessive to the point of irrationality about keeping gateway reviews confidential.

But from the sound work it is doing in many areas, it would appear the OGC employs committed and experienced people who show no signs of being irrational.

But their credibility, and the credibility of the organisation, continues to be undermined by the OGC’s arguing of the unarguable. The two gateway reviews on ID Cards in question should be published, if for no reason than to stop the OGC being a continued object of derision.


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