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Well said David Howarth

Posted in everything by ukliberty on March 2, 2009

John Ozimek at The Register on the Convention on Modern Liberty in Cambridge:

… If the panel sessions were largely about people agreeing strenuously with one another, the afternoon debate (in Cambridge), between Government Minister Bill Rammell, MP and David Howarth, MP summarised in one short exchange what the real issue is. Both speakers agreed that the other side “just don’t get it”.

Both spoke of balance. Bill Rammell reiterated the government view that the greatest civil liberty of all was the right not to be blown up, killed or terrorised. Those who opposed CCTV were, he suggested, out of touch with the ordinary people of Britain.

David Howarth claimed that liberty went much deeper, that it was more than the absence of risk, and that if we had taken the government’s line in 1940, we would have surrendered at the first sign of war because otherwise, “people might have been killed”. Some things, he argued, are worth fighting (and dying) for. …

Here is a video of that particular debate.  David Howarth made a number of very good points.  Bill Rammell… did not.  Particularly difficult to understand why he claimed he did not grow up in a world where there was risk of proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.  He was born in 1959 and therefore should be well aware of the Cold War, which among other things involved a nuclear arms race (indeed a number of attendees took issue with the claim that the public are more at danger today than ever before, having grown up during or since the Second World War).  He also claimed this Government was the first to introduce some statutory protection for suspects in terms of the Human Rights Act 1998.  But a major piece of  legislation protecting suspects was the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, introduced by a Conservative Government.  Another load of guff from a Labour shill.  But as if that wasn’t enough, yet more was to come from Tariq Sadiq.


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