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Disturbing video about Climate Camp

Posted in freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, surveillance society by ukliberty on January 26, 2009


In August 2008, environmental protestors set up camp in Kent, England, to protest the current and newly proposed E-On coal-fired power stations at Kingsnorth.

Part One of two films, Covering Climate Camp documents not the protest movement, but the journalists trying to cover the story for independent and mainstream news organisations.

In some of the worst scenes of police interference the press were subjected to stop-and-search, harassment, aggression and violence, which led to the National Union of Journalists and the industry media publically slamming the police on the grounds of press freedom restriction.

Part Two of two films, Covering Climate Camp continues to document the press coverage and subsequent press freedom restrictions. As the policing gets heavier, journalists trying to cover the story for independent and mainstream news organisations face surveillance, harassment, endless stop-and-searches and assault – they are even followed by a police unit to a McDonald’s restaurant.


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  1. James Hammerton said, on February 14, 2009 at 1:00 am

    I don’t know if you’ve ever seen “Taking Liberties” (, but the videos above reminded me of the opening section of that documentary, covering the treatment of some anti-war protestors as they tried to go to a protest and were turned back and forced to stay on their coaches for hours without being allowed to stop to go to the loo (many of these people were elderly).

    Both times I’ve watched it, it found it chilling. I felt the same thing watching those videos above.

  2. […] Why the ban on photographing police officers matters to ordinary people Posted on February 16, 2009 by ukliberty Think about events at which you might see one or more police officers: football, cricket, or rugby matches; county fairs; Notting Hill Carnival; Trooping the Colour; protests. […]

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