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Posted in Uncategorized by ukliberty on December 15, 2008

The BBC:

Police minister Vernon Coaker has apologised for telling Parliament that 70 officers were injured dealing with protests at Kingsnorth power station.

His comments came after it was revealed that injuries sustained during policing at the Climate Camp in August included insect stings and heat exhaustion.

The Lib Dems said the eight other injuries included being “stung on finger by possible wasp”, “officer injured sitting in car” and “officer succumbed to sun and heat”.Kent Police confirmed that 12 officers were required to retire from duty because of their injuries.

A spokesman said: “In total, approximately 68 officers were treated for injuries or illnesses by the Kent Police tactical medicine unit and the Red Cross.

“In addition, teams of officers from other forces brought their own first aid support who would have also dealt with injuries.”

“Other than the 12 who had to retire from duty, the remaining officers with injuries or ailments did not need to do so.”

Mr Coaker said an inquiry was being carried out by the National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA) into the handling of the demonstration.

He added: “I was informed that 70 police officers were hurt and naturally assumed that they had been hurt in direct contact as a result of the protest.

Of course!  Why on earth wouldn’t he think the only possible cause of injury must have been those smelly, horrible, violent protestors?

This, by the way, reminds me of another topical ‘assumption’:

There is no evidence of misconduct by Ms de Vries. She accepts that she made a genuine error when she included in a media release that Mr de Menezes had been challenged before being shot. The error does not amount to misconduct, but she should receive constructive management advice regarding the need for accuracy and not basing media releases on presumptions. (Stockwell Two)

Perhaps Vernon Coaker should also receive such constructive management advice.


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