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Low rate of organ donation is a complex jigsaw

Posted in politicians on liberty, state-citizen relationship by ukliberty on November 17, 2008

Doesn’t ‘consent’ require some sort of positive action, explcitly saying ‘Yes’ for example?

Well, not when it comes to your internal organs. 

Gordon Brown has refused to rule out a change in the law that may see everyone considered as a potential organ donor, despite the recommendations of his advisers today.

The opt-out system of organ donation should not be introduced as it could undermine patients’ confidence in medical care, the UK Organ Donation Taskforce said.

The system of “presumed consent”, as used in Spain and other countries, was unlikely to boost donation rates, as The Times revealed on Friday. (The Times)

Well, in fact the Organ Donation Taskforce revealed that (see page 22 of their report).  

Indeed Sweden has a low rate of organ donation despite having an “opt out” system.

Who would have thought that the countries with high rates of organ donation have succeeded “not by changing one single aspect of their organ donor system in isolation, but rather by addressing each piece in the complex jigsaw of interdependent elements that make up a successful donation programme”?

Not Gordon & co., who presume that your body belongs to the state to do with what they wish and that there are simple solutions to every problem.

But as long as they can say they are doing something about it, right?  It doesn’t have to work, it just has to be something they can tick off and say they are doing.


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  1. Gordie said, on November 18, 2008 at 7:04 am

    Donate-For-Life Organ Donor Program has the SOLUTION to the severe shortage of organ donation. A system of encouragement-based incentives can work side-by-side with altruism since altruism-only certainly does not meet the need with so many waiting to die on the national list.

    Ask yourself, why should you give away a kidney (for example) for free when the recipient has to pay upwards of $226,400 USD (2006, first year estimated charges) — to organ procurement organizations, hospitals, physicians, follow-up services, and immuno-suppressants? Pay off your mortgage, give your children an education, start a business, invest wisely, etc. The time has come to be able to sell what you own — an organ before death or many after death.

    Write to Mr. Gordon Brown and suggest he look at the website. A major update will take place within the next month — be patient and come back again.

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