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Labour’s sense of entitlement

Posted in database state, state-citizen relationship by ukliberty on November 17, 2008

Henry Porter in the Guardian:

… under Labour, government has shown an increasing sense of entitlement over not just our personal data, but over our bodies and biological integrity. Little by little we are being required to give up more of ourselves to the state – fingerprints, iris measurements, the DNA of innocent people – and this arrogance about patient records fits the pattern of presumption.

Gordon Brown’s belief that all of us should be organ donors unless we opt out is part of this new trend and is typical of the convinced authoritarian who stresses hazily [and lazily, I would say] defined needs of the collective good over the wishes and integrity of the individual. You see that attitude run right through government plans from the horrific children’s database, ContactPoint, which will give access to a million people, to the ID card’s national identity register, which will be open to scores of government agencies as well a foreign law enforcement officials from Palermo to Potsdam. …


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