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How to undermine the ID card scheme

Posted in ID Cards, politicians on liberty by ukliberty on November 6, 2008


Home Secretary Jacqui Smith will invite high-street businesses today to tender to be biometrics enrolment centres for the National Identity Scheme, which the government will use to issue ID cards.

The Home Office wants to use the tender process to gauge whether businesses such as post offices and banks would be interested in participating in taking fingerprints from people for the scheme, sister site ZDNet UK understands.  It also hopes to formulate a document, called the Frontline Services Prospectus, outlining how biometric enrolment would be carried out by businesses.

“If they’re taking fingerprints on the high street, they simply cannot guarantee locking prints to details,” [Phil Booth] said. “The only way they could have done that is in an interrogation centre, with some official scrutinising documentation, then walking you over to the scanner to take your prints.”

Booth suggested that a high-street-based system would be open to fraud and systems error, and could lead to chaos.

[hat-tip FIshNChipPapers]


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