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Can ukliberty cite a law…

Posted in law and order, politicians on liberty by ukliberty on October 26, 2008

…proposed by Labour that has eroded civil liberties and that the Tories have opposed, excluding 42 days and hunting with dogs?” an acquaintance asked.

  1. inquests without juries (clause 65 Counter-Terrorism Bill), and
  2. specially appointed coroners (clause 67 of the same);
  3. the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, and amendments related to speech of that kind that were attached to three or four bills that weren’t specifically about racial and religious hatred, such as the Police and Justice Bill;
  4. the Identity Cards Bill;
  5. fraud trials without juries;
  6. the Extradition Bill, and an amendment relating to extradition in the Police and Justice Bill;
  7. clauses in the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill;
  8. clauses relating to speech in various terrorism bills, including encouragement of terrorism (clause 1 Terrorism Bill 2006);
  9. control orders.

That isn’t an exhaustive list and only goes back to 2005.  So there.

(Of course the Liberal Democrats opposed all these too and, unlike the Conservatives, generally unequivocally.)


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