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Missed this – 42 days back on the table

Posted in detention without charge, law and order by ukliberty on October 14, 2008

The Government was never going to use the Parliament Act to force through 42 days…

…because they could just re-introduce time after time under a different Bill without having to wait for a year  between attempts.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith the Commons last night:

I have prepared a new Bill to enable the police and prosecutors to do their work—should the worst happen, and should a terrorist plot overtake us and threaten our current investigatory capabilities. Some may take the security of Britain lightly.

Such as former chief constables, heads of MI5, Attorneys General, Lord Chancellors?

I do not. The Counter-Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Bill now stands ready to be introduced if and when the need arises. It would enable the Director of Public Prosecutions to apply to the courts to detain and question a terrorist suspect for up to a maximum of 42 days. Individuals could be detained only when that was authorised by a judge. The Bill’s powers would sunset automatically after 60 days. I will place a copy of the new Bill in the Library of the House.

We cannot defeat terrorism through legislation alone, but where legislation can help to protect the innocent from those who would inflict atrocity upon us, I am steadfast in my determination to do the right thing for the British people. I deeply regret that some have been prepared to ignore the terrorist threat for fear of taking a tough but necessary decision.

Oh, eff off, you sanctimonious …


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    […] Me elsewhere Posted on October 20, 2008 by ukliberty At Liberal Conspiracy, preaching to the converted (I suspect) about 42 days.  Nevertheless a good opportunity (thanks Aaron), particularly because it isn’t over yet. […]

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