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Mark Saunders judicial review

Posted in law and order by ukliberty on October 14, 2008

Some people have arrived here after using the search terms,

Mark Saunders judicial review

The judgement is now on Bailii – incidentally, I did not realise until last week that this Bailii is a charity, not something provided by the public sector.  I’m inclined to think judgements and even transcripts should be online.

Something that wasn’t reported by the mainstream national media was that the court dealt with two shootings, not just the shooting of Mark Saunders but also a Danyniel Tucker.


The claim in Tucker is dismissed in its entirety. The claim in Saunders is dismissed save that the question whether there has been a breach by the Commission of its duty under s. 21 (6) of the [Police Reform] 2002 Act is adjourned generally, with liberty to either party to apply for it to be restored.

That question regards one of the three issues:

(C) “Disclosure”. In Saunders the Claimant complains that the Commission has acted in breach of a statutory obligation under s. 21 of the [Police Reform] 2002 Act to keep her and the family properly informed about the progress of the investigation.


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