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Rather a strange thing to say

Posted in de Menezes by ukliberty on October 9, 2008

(Stockwell inquest transcript, 8 October 2008)

Sir Michael Wright (Coroner):

This is a question in fact that Mr Perry dealt with you very recently but I will repeat it so you will know that the question has been asked. Your decision-making framework within Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, how was Jean Charles’s right to life facilitated on 22 July?

DAC Cressida Dick:

By using the best trained, properly kitted and in my view properly commanded and controlled by experienced people, who had everybody’s safety at the heart of the operation. In an operation like this, you would very properly be criticised, very properly, if you had used inappropriate people and had failed to apply your best possible effort to the running of the operation and what you did.

The SO19 firearms officers are extraordinarily professional and restrained, and I believe we did do our very best to preserve life, including the life of the person who was challenged, who turned out tragically to be an innocent person.

Not entirely sure how shooting him in the head was doing their very best to preserve his life, or why “challenged” was used as a synonym for “shot”, or “killed”.  I’m not making a comment on the merits of shooting him – just that the language seems very odd.


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