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1000 FOIA stories from 2006-2007

Posted in freedom of information by ukliberty on October 6, 2008

The Campaign for Freedom of Information:

A new report by the Campaign summarises more than 1,000 press stories based on disclosures under the UK and Scottish FOI acts in 2006 and 2007. The stories demonstrate the enormous range of information being released under FOI and reveal the substantial contribution to accountability made by the acts. In 2006, the government proposed to restrict the UK FOI Act, partly because of what it said was excessive use of the Act being made by journalists. The report shows how valuable the press’s use of FOI has been. The proposals were dropped by Gordon Brown after he became prime minister in 2007. (Note: the report is 250 pages and may take a little while to download).

The BBC’s Martin Rosenbaum points out that,

The document does not cover FOI disclosures reported by broadcasters. But you can find a collection of the BBC’s FOI-based news stories here and those of Channel 4 News here.


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