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Amnesty petition against 42 days

Posted in detention without charge by ukliberty on October 3, 2008

Steve of Amnesty wrote,

Amnesty has just launched a new online petition at, calling on MPs to vote against 42 days when it return to the Commons this autumn. It sees to have really caught people’s attention: over 2,300 people have already signed since it launched it on Tuesday.

The petition focuses on MPs who voted in favour of 42 days pre-charge detention, but previously had not supported proposals for 90 days. New functionality sorts the signatures by postcode so each MP will receive a petition signed only by their own constituents; a national petition including all the signatures will be presented to parliament ahead of the vote.

Amnesty’s activists are going to be out on the streets in the coming weeks, asking people to sign the petition.

Regular readers will know my thoughts on detention without charge proposals. Amnesty have produced a handy and succinct list of ten good reasons why extending pre-charge detention is a bad idea.


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