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notes from de Menezes inquest day 6

Posted in de Menezes by ukliberty on October 1, 2008

29 September 2008

Operation Rainbow briefing, section on Operation Kratos, includes “awareness of different types of devices” used by suicide bombers, possible behavioural characteristics of people involved in suicide bombing, including “sweating, mumbling, possibly praying, recently clean-shaven, looking anxious, wearing bulky clothing not in keeping with the weather or event, holding something in the hand or in a clenched fist; and says you could look for a wire or toggle protruding from an overtly carried bag” – this information coming from the MIddle East, not based on information from the UK.

at 5.40 [am 22 July] a question was asked in Mr McDowall’s office: what if only one suspect came out of one of the premises. He says: “This was immediately followed up by the tactical adviser…” ‘Andrew’ “… saying that if a suspect came out of the address wearing gloves and/or carrying a rucksack, it is possible that he is preparing for another attack and ready to die for the cause. Should he fail to do as he is told, he is likely to be shot.”

“The systems do exist … to find out where the address is in London, a map of the roads and possibly, you know, whether it’s a block of flats or a house.”

Q. [Mansfield] Assuming the chain of command that you have described, so that Angela Scott, as you understood it, the deputed Silver, would it then be her responsibility to come to you and say, as the main tactical adviser: look, the commander — or however she referred to, or John or whatever — wants a deployment as soon as possible to Scotia Road of two kinds; one is a watching one, that’s SO12; and two is a stopping one if there are suspects coming out who are the subject of the operation, which is CO19. She would come to you; yes?
A. [‘Andrew’] Yes, sir.
Q. Right. What you appear to be saying is that no-one came to you and did that; is that right?
A. Correct, sir.
Q. In the many months and years that have gone by, have you ever discovered or has anybody told you why nobody came to you?
A. No, sir, I only realised the 5.15 meeting, I think, round about the time of the Health and Safety trial. Up until that time I was unaware of this meeting or this issue.

‘Andrew’: “I think the term “hard stop” is a really unfortunate expression that’s crept into police parlance, because it’s interpreted by so many people to mean so many different things.”

Some interesting detail about firearms training pages 149-161.

SFO operations 600-1000 a year.  Between 2001-2005, five operations, five individuals hit, four killed. There is some more discussion of such figures.  I think this is obfuscating the issue somewhat: that something is a rare event – statistically insignificant, even – does not mean we shouldn’t scrutinise it, or that it is an accident as opposed to negligence. <- this isn’t what they are saying; it’s support for the claim that the firearms officers aren’t gung ho, that there is a culture of restraint.


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