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Watching the watchmen for Freedom not Fear

Posted in surveillance society by ukliberty on September 30, 2008

Open Rights Group:

Happy-snappers unite! We need as many people as possible to take photos of stuff that embodies the database state, and the UK’s world-famous surveillance society (wake up! You’ve just walked into it).

On 11 October, No2ID and the Open Rights Group will make a live collage of the images you’ve taken in a prominent location in London (to be confirmed), to celebrate Freedom Not Fear Day 2008.

I like this one.


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  1. Thomas Ogilvie said, on October 6, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    It pleases me greatly to discover a photo of mine being put to good use promoting the cause of liberty. Glad you like it.

    The continued use of CCTV to monitor and survey every nook and cranny of our public spaces quietly erodes our liberties. As a keen photographer I particularly deplore the increase in intimidating photographers in public places by security guards and policemen who should really know better.

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