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Four in five NHS trusts have lost patient data or suffered security breaches in past year

Posted in database state by ukliberty on September 29, 2008

[hat-tip enbee]


EXCLUSIVE: Four NHS trusts in five have lost patient data or suffered a data security breach since the beginning of last year, Pulse can reveal.

Our investigation reveals the true scale of confidentiality breaches within the NHS, with trusts reporting more than 1,300 incidents since January 2007.

GPs warned the findings would further undermine confidence in plans for electronic care records, with many of the data breaches involving NHS IT.

Figures obtained the Freedom of Information Act from 162 PCTs, hospital trusts and NHS authorities showed that there had been 557 incidents of lost data and 794 breaches of confidentiality over the time period.

Just 32 out of 162 trusts surveyed said they had not had a data loss or security breach incident. …

These include theft of patients’ letters, changes to spouses’ medical records, posting of pictures of patients to Facebook…

Don’t worry!  Nothing to hide nothing to fear! Move along!


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