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The bricks are in the wall

Posted in law and order, surveillance society by ukliberty on September 15, 2008

Of course the fact that people are under surveillance is no guarantee that we will be safe.

The Guardian:

A secret phone tapping operation which tracked the Omagh bombers on their way to commit the deadliest atrocity in the history of the Troubles could provide vital new evidence against the Real IRA, families of victims said yesterday.

Evidence emerged yesterday of hitherto unknown taps carried out by GCHQ, the government’s electronic communication interception service, as the apparent bombers crossed the border from the Republic of Ireland on August 15 1998 on their way to plant the device.

Lawyers for the families believe the intercepts could add weight to a current civil case against five alleged members of the Real IRA, including founder Michael McKevitt. The dissident republican group was behind the Saturday afternoon attack which killed 29 men, women and children and two unborn babies.

The existence of the phone-tap evidence is revealed in a Panorama investigation to be broadcast on BBC1 tonight which features claims that the evidence was not passed on to police, and that if it had been the attack could have been averted and the terrorists caught. …


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