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Leaked tape appears to corroborate key Saunders claim

Posted in law and order by ukliberty on September 15, 2008

The Evening Standard:

Leaked video footage showing barrister Mark Saunders being shot by police today raises serious questions over the handling of the investigation into his death.

The tape appears to corroborate his family’s claim – first made in the Evening Standard – that the lawyer was not aiming his shotgun directly at officers when he was killed.

They have been deeply upset by criticism levelled against them during a High Court hearing over the legality of the inquiry into Mr Saunders’ death.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is investigating the killing, accused the family of getting it wrong when they told the Standard Mr Saunders had been holding his gun “limply” and had not been firing at officers.

But the video, recorded by a police helicopter and leaked to the Sun, shows Mr Saunders “staggering drunkenly as he talks to negotiators before a hail of bullets hits him”. The newspaper reports today: “Crucially, [Mr Saunders] does not shoulder the weapon and it appears to hang limply in his hands.” It claims the video cannot be shown for legal reasons.

If the Sun’s version of events is correct, it raises serious questions over why the IPCC attacked the family in open court and in an official statement released last week.  …

By the way, it seems odd that they shot him and then chucked in gas grenades.  One would have thought it would be the gas grenades first, no?

Anyway, the judgement will be handed down in two or three weeks.


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