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Trial by politician

Posted in law and order, politicians on liberty by ukliberty on September 11, 2008

[hat-tip Tim Worstall]

Alice Miles in the Times:

They have been convicted by everybody except a jury. The men on trial for their involvement in an airline bomb plot, four of whom the jury felt unable to convict of murder conspiracy this week, had been condemned as soon as they were arrested two summers ago.

Then, the Metropolitan Police deputy commissioner Paul Stephenson told us publicly that there had been a plot to bomb airliners that “was intended to be mass murder on an unimaginable scale”. A “security source” told the Daily Mirror: “Make no mistake – if this plot had succeeded it would have been bigger than 9/11 in terms of body count. This is very, very significant.”

The jury rightly found three men guilty of conspiracy to murder, which carries a life sentence, but that isn’t enough for the authorities – the men must be convicted of a plot actually to blow aircraft out of the sky, because that is what police and politicians told everyone was being planned, and every air passenger’s life was greatly disrupted as a result. …

The Daily Mail asked yesterday: “Are our standards of proof too high to protect the public from terrorists? There is something wrong with a society that cannot successfully prosecute and punish those it accuses of seeking to destroy it.”

Missing the fact that three of them were convicted!

We can successfully prosecute and punish – we just have to have sufficient evidence to persuade a jury of 12 ordinary men and women.

It’s called the law. Or perhaps that’s another freedom requiring modification in the face of those who oppose our fundamental values. What a terrible legacy of the events of seven years ago today that would be.


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