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The DUP and 42 day detention

Posted in detention without charge, politicians on liberty by ukliberty on September 10, 2008

Remember that the 42 day detention vote was won with the help of the DUP.  Of course they did it because it was the right thing to do, not because they (also) wanted something in return – far be it from me to suggest otherwise!*

But what might they have gained in return?

Kate Belgrave on Liberal Conspiracy:

… You’ll remember the DUP, of course, and the unpalatable details of its recent, greasy love-in with Labour. You’ll remember that DUP MPs agreed to vote with the government on 42 days’ detention, in exchange for – well, in exchange for absolutely nothing apart from job satisfaction if our glorious leader Gordon was telling the truth at the time.

If he wasn’t – guess we’ll need to pretend Gordon’s a liar for a moment here – they did it in exchange for extra financial support for Northern Ireland, and for guarantees that Northern Ireland would continue to be excluded from the Abortion Act. I err towards option B.

Certainly, it was no surprise to find the HFEB and its attending Abortion Act amendments suddenly withdrawn from Commons debate in July. It was no surprise either to hear whispers that one of the reasons the HFEB left the picture so fast was that Gordon was struggling to get his new DUP mates to see the bright side of HFEB notions such lesbian parents, and abortion on demand in Northern Ireland. …

* sarcasm.


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