UK Liberty

NUJ: Journalism is facing grave threats in civil liberties clampdown

National Union of Journalists:

VIDEO: The NUJ has released a short film highlighting some of the problems faced by journalists covering public demonstrations.

The video was released the day after the TUC in Brighton condemned the erosion of civil liberties and media freedoms in Britain. TUC unions unanimously backed a motion, proposed by the National Union of Journalists, which called for a rethink of government policies that put journalists at risk of imprisonment just for doing their job.

Speaking after the TUC vote, NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear said: “Journalism is facing grave threats in an age of intolerance. Whilst on the streets dissent is being criminalized, independent journalism is being increasingly caught in the civil liberties clampdown.”

The nine-minute video, called Press Freedom: Collateral Damage, includes examples of the police obstructing journalists in their work. …

Of course, ordinary members of the public are photographed and ‘moved along’ too. See Fitwatch for more information including the costs of this service to the public.


If professional photographers, who regularly document political demonstrations and protests feel intimidated, then what about the “chilling effect” on the freedom of members of the public who might try to snap a picture on their mobile phone or digital camera , now that there are Government and Police propaganda campaigns which demonise street photographers as if they were all terrorist suspects ? …


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