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Shocking news about ContactPoint

Posted in database state, law and order, surveillance society by ukliberty on August 26, 2008

The Telegraph:

A flagship database intended to protect every child in the country [er – no] will be used by police to hunt for evidence of crime in a “shocking” extension of its original purpose, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

ContactPoint will include the names, ages and addresses of all 11 million under-18s in England as well as information on their parents, GPs, schools and support services such as social workers.

The £224 million computer system was announced in the wake of the death of Victoria Climbié,

[who it wouldn’t have helped, as she wouldn’t have been on it] who was abused and then murdered after a string of missed opportunities to intervene by the authorities [again, just as with illegal immigration, a big part of the alleged problem is a lack of enforcement of existing rules], as a way to connect the different services dealing with children.

It has always been portrayed as a way for professionals to find out which other agencies are working with a particular child, to make their work easier and provide a better service for young people.

However, it has now emerged that police officers, council staff, head teachers, doctors and care workers will use the records to search for evidence of criminality and wrongdoing to help them launch prosecutions against those on the database – even long after they have reached adulthood.

It comes amid growing concern about the increasing criminalisation of Britain’s youth and the extent of the country’s surveillance society. …

I’m being sarcastic when I say it’s shocking.  I don’t think it’s shocking at all that it turns out that a system sold to us as being for a particular purpose (and for the protection of “Just One Child!”, no less) has undergone “function creep”.

And It’s For Our Own Good.


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