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Sailing and e-Borders

Posted in surveillance society by ukliberty on August 7, 2008

Q27  Lord Mawson: Does this mean, eventually, when you go sailing off the south coast to France and back that there will be some system introduced for those people so that you are able to monitor where they are going? Is that going to happen?

Mr Dodd: Yes, this is obviously something that we are working on in the e-borders programme and with the supplier, and about which we will be consulting relevant interested parties. What we are looking at is some sort of web-based registration system whereby if you are a sailor and you are going to France for the weekend, you would need to register your details on line, such that we could then, if need be, check that against our databases, etc.

I think we should also have to tell them when we leave the house, for example when we go to the supermarket or to work.  It will be worth it, if 0.00042 % of our movements result in an arrest.


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