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Yesterday was the third anniversary of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes

Posted in de Menezes by ukliberty on July 23, 2008

Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead three years ago by Metropolitan Police officers at Stockwell Underground station.  He was unarmed and innocent of any crime, and there is no evidence in the public domain that he presented a credible threat.

Obviously an extreme case but I think it presents some matters of concern, not just that an innocent man was killed but also because:

  • anonymous ‘sources’ accused him via the media (and shame on the media for repeating the allegations) of being a cocaine addled illegal immigrant rapist;
  • to date the inquest has not yet completed (it will begin again on 22 September and last for eleven weeks);
  • that a trial of the Met over Health and Safety issues (!) took precedence.

And is it coincidence that the Government is proposing inquests without juries headed by specially appointed coroners?

For what they are worth I extend my best wishes to his family and I sincerely hope that they will get some answers.


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