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Information being freed all… at once just before holidays

Posted in freedom of information, politicians on liberty by ukliberty on July 22, 2008

Matt Wardman, last week:

Parliament closes this week until after the Party Conferences, and reopens in October.

It is the best season of the year for a certain sort of blogger or journalist. It is the time when Government Departments publish Written Ministerial Statements by the shedload, in order to “clear the desk”. Certain unsympathetic people will note that it is also the optimum time to publish unpopular proposals which will affect public image, since it is the time where there is the maximum delay – until October – before scrutiny in Parliament will be possible. …

The BBC, today:

Gordon Brown has “broken his own ministerial code” by publishing 10 statements just as MPs break up for their summer holidays, it was claimed.

In total, 30 ministerial statements were being published on Tuesday – 10 of which relate to the PM, special advisers, travel and hospitality.

The code of conduct says efforts should be made to avoid leaving significant announcements to the day before recess. …


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