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You’ll volunteer or else

Missed this one (hat-tip Longrider):

A police force is introducing a youth curfew to cut down on anti-social behaviour which will be the first to punish parents for letting their children out alone at night.

Operation Goodnight in Redruth, Cornwall, will see officers given the power to remove any youth under 16 seen on the streets after 9pm and any child under 10 after 8pm.

Officers in Redruth, Cornwall, say they have been forced into the extensive curfew in an attempt to make parents more responsible for their children.

The scheme encourages parents to voluntarily sign up to the lock-in and register their children.

Any child found outside after hours will then be checked on a register and if their parents have refused to take part in the voluntary scheme they face tough parenting orders.

The Times:

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said that most children would go home willingly if challenged. Others might have to be “escorted”. He said: “There are a belligerent few who will refuse to comply but officers are more than capable of persuading them to do so.”

I just bet they are.

So, three things here:

  1. abuse of the English language (you will volunteer or else);
  2. a purely executive decision, there appears to be no statutory basis for this curfew (ie no law), the police have taken it upon themselves to impose this;
  3. individuals are having their freedom of movement and association restricted even though they may not have broken any law.

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