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What would the nothing to hide crowd say to this?

Posted in database state, ID Cards, surveillance society by ukliberty on June 30, 2008

The Telegraph:

Young women fleeing forced marriages are being betrayed by GPs and benefits staff who “collude” with families to return them against their will, a senior police officer police has revealed.

Doctors and Job Centre workers are breaching confidentiality rules and passing on vital information to families, allowing them to trace and punish Asian women who are attempting to escape coerced marriages and “honour”-based domestic violence. …

Civitas back in February:

This criminal misuse of officially private but widely accessible personal information is an increasing occurrence. The Centre for Social Cohesion’s recent report, Crimes of the Community, documented several instances when young women have fled honour-based violence in the family home, only to be tracked down via informal family networks spanning taxi services, the police and civil servants often using national databases used by public sector workers. …