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Austin Mitchell voted for 42 days to “save Gordon Brown for the nation”

Posted in detention without charge, politicians on liberty by ukliberty on June 12, 2008

The Labour backbencher Austin Mitchell said that he had intended to vote against 42 days, but changed his mind and backed the Government in order to “save Gordon Brown for the nation”. He said: “I support him and I think he would be on his way out if he had been defeated on this.” (The Times)

Words cannot express my disgust.


His excuse:

I voted with the government on 42 day detention. I didn’t like myself for it. I’d dithered for a week over whether to vote against or abstain. In the end, I decided that I should vote for it to save Gordon Brown for the nation.

Had he lost Gordon’s position would have been untenable. The Labour government, which I want to go on, would have been damaged.

So though I think the proposals are daft and probably unworkable even as the reserve power they’ve supposed to have I voted for them.

I’ve urged throughout that we should kick 42 days into the long grass (along with a lot of other parts of the Blair legacy, like ID cards) sadly Gordon took it up through a Presbyterian sense of duty. Once he’d made it a matter of his authority there was no alternative but to support him with gritted teeth and a feeling of never again.

Tony Blair got away with his trick of throwing himself off a cliff and asking the party to catch him on several occasions. This is the last time it’s tolerable from Gordon. But he is allowed one.



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