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Credit where credit is due

Posted in politicians on liberty by ukliberty on June 4, 2008

I often attack Labour (it is after all in Government), but rarely praise its MPs when they get something right.  There are those who are rather more principled than the frontbenchers.

David Winnick (Walsall North, Labour), for example, who – while he thought 28 days was necessary and proportionate – demands proper justification for any extension.  Good for him and others like him.

So with that in mind, here is the BBC:

Labour MPs threatening to rebel over plans to extend the time terror suspects can be held without charge are to meet to discuss their position.

They will be addressed by Shami Chakrabarti, director of the pressure group Liberty, and one of the most high-profile opponents to the measures.

About 50 backbenchers are said to be ready to defy ministers in a crucial Commons vote next week. …

I urge them to stand fast, say “enough is enough” and vote no to any extension of the period of detention without charge.


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  1. Vindico said, on June 4, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    Let us hope a good number have more principles than we often take them to have.

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