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Posted in law and order by ukliberty on June 3, 2008

The BBC:

A man accused of leading a plot to blow up passenger planes has admitted planning to set off an explosive device at an airport.

But Mr Ali told the court they had never planned to board a plane.

He said the group had initially favoured targeting the House of Commons, but had decided “we’d probably get shot”, so had switched their focus to US airline offices at Heathrow.

He said they had intended to leave one or two devices in a bin or plant pot and time them to go off after five or 10 minutes to give them time to escape.

“We were trying to create a disturbance, not kill anyone,” Mr Ali said.

On Tuesday, Mr Ali told the jury how he began recruiting people to make al-Qaeda-style martyrdom videos.

He said he asked co-accused Waheed Zaman, 24, to make a “realistic and sensationalist” militant-type address and told him what to say.

“I gave him a structure script, a bullet point structure of what to say and how to do it,” he said.

“I said to him, ‘Try and make it as realistic as you can’. I told him to make it as sensational as possible.”

“The whole idea was to be aggressive, sensationalist, copying the rhetoric and styles seen in other videos.”

Mr Ali said the video was a publicity stunt to advertise a documentary he was making attacking British foreign policy.

If true, incredibly stupid and dangerous.

One video, in which he himself spoke of teaching the West “a lesson they will never forget” was “propaganda” he planned to post on the internet to scare the government.



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