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Is Brown preparing to bribe MPs in order to get 42 day detention without charge?

Posted in detention without charge, politicians on liberty by ukliberty on June 1, 2008

The Sunday Times:

Ministers are preparing to offer a £200m “bribe” to encourage a group of Northern Ireland MPs to back Gordon Brown in the critical Commons vote on plans to detain terror suspects for 42 days without charge.

Not sure why the word bribe is scare quotes – it seems to fit the definition.

According to the Democratic Unionist party (DUP), a proposal that the power-sharing government at Stormont instead of the Ministry of Defence in London might receive the proceeds of the sale of disused army bases as an enhanced “peace dividend” has been floated in private talks about the counter-terrorism bill.

The informal offer emerged after Geoff Hoon, Labour’s chief whip, warned Brown that more than 60 rebels from his own party were preparing to vote against the bill, which will be debated by MPs on June 11.

With the Tories and the Liberal Democrats opposing it, Brown could be facing his first defeat in the Commons since becoming prime minister. …

Extraordinary if true – after all the noble words about building consensus, they resort to bribery, just to save face.

What a bunch of obstinate authoritarian muppets.


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