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Consultation on the Delivery of the National Identity Scheme

Posted in ID Cards by ukliberty on April 28, 2008

[hat-tip: an anonymous NO2ID forum contributor]

The Home Office:

The purpose of this consultation is to help the Government to proceed with the implementation of National Identity Scheme, including the introduction of identity cards linked to a National Identity Register.

There are a number of specific consultation points that we have highlighted in the Delivery Plan, published on 6 March 2008.

Comments need not be limited just to these points and we invite any wider comments on our proposals for the implementation of the National Identity Scheme, you may use the final comment box of the questionnaire for your other points.

We will take full account of all comments received on these proposals. The consultation period ends 30 June 2008. Once we have taken stock of the comments received following this consultation, a summary of the responses received will be published. This will be within three months of the closing date for this consultation and will be made available on the Identity and Passport Service website The outcome of the consultation will help inform secondary legislation for the National Identity Scheme.

As specified above, all comments received may be published unless the person or organisation making them asks specifically that they should not be published.

Documents to download:

Download the online Consultation document (.rtf, 145 kb) this will allow you to complete the consultation online and email it to us.

#Download the Consultation document as a pdf, (119 kb) this will allow you to print and post the Consultation document.

#Download the National Identity Scheme Delivery Plan 2008 (pdf, 328 kb) this will allow you to view or print the National Identity Scheme 2008.


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