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Posted in law and order by ukliberty on April 24, 2008

The Guardian:

A foreign prisoner convicted of a terrorism offence is threatening to go to court to force the government to deport him from Britain.

Sabeel Ahmed pleaded guilty 13 days ago to failing to tell the police about information he had received about an attempted terrorist attack by his brother last June. Ahmed, whose brother died in the attempted suicide car bombing on Glasgow airport last summer, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey and agreed to be deported to India, where he was born.

Lawyers for the doctor, who worked at the Halton hospital in Runcorn, say he has so far failed to receive a date for his removal. They wrote to the Home Office yesterday saying they will seek a court ruling ordering Ahmed’s deportation, or his release from prison so he can make his own way home.

Ahmed’s solicitor, Imran Khan, said: “It is bizarre that we have to go to court to enforce a judge’s order having pleaded guilty. The Home Office is … keeping him as a category A prisoner in Belmarsh. He wants to leave the country because of his parents’ illness, especially his mother, who recently underwent an operation.”

Ahmed, 26, from Bangalore, was jailed for 18 months for withholding information about last year’s failed attack. He pleaded guilty to possessing information which could have prevented an act of terrorism. He was spared a longer sentence because he had read the emails only after the attack.

I don’t think the bit about “preventing” is true as obviously he couldn’t have done so if he had read the emails after the attack.

Isn’t it just an application of s19 Terrorism Act 2000 (duty to disclose information…)?

The TimesNow (among others) seems to contradict the deportation bit, too:

Glasgow bomber’s brother – Sabeel Ahmed’s lawyer — Imran Khan — is likely to sue Indian authorities and the Indian High Commission in UK for delaying the return of his client despite a British court ruling on his voluntary deportation from UK to India.

Sabeel’s lawyer Imran Khan told a daily that despite the fact that the UK court on April 11 gave permission for his client’s voluntary deportation to India, the Indian authorities have not provided the necessary documents for his deportation.

“We are contemplating “legal action against the Indian High Commission and authorities for keeping Dr Ahmed in ‘unlawful’ custody,” Imran said. He further added that the Indian authorities are not providing document’s for Sabeel’s deportation. “They are inadvertently delaying matters and are effectively keeping Sabeel Ahmed in detention,” he said.

And there is also something odd with a suspect connected to the case, a Dr Haneef – where the basis for the charge of giving material support to terrorists is that he lent one of the bombers his SIM card prior to leaving the UK.


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