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So much for benefit fraud

Posted in ID Cards, politicians on liberty by ukliberty on March 11, 2008

Dave Birch:

Jacqui forgot to answer my question about benefit claimants. In her speech, she says that:

Would Jean Hutchinson have been able to commit her crimes if she had been asked to give a photo and fingerprint as proof of her identity when she registered each new benefit claim? The answer is no.

[From BBC NEWS | Politics | In full: Smith ID card speech]

In the question time, I asked her if all claimants would have to do this. As Jacqui didn’t answer, I was able to ask Meg, and she told me that not only will benefit claimants not be asked for fingerprints and photos, they won’t be asked for ID cards either, so I don’t think the scheme will have any effect on benefit fraud: either Jacqui was briefed incorrectly on this or I must have misunderstood Meg. I will try and find out and report back.


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