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Lead from the front!

Posted in ID Cards by ukliberty on March 10, 2008

An excellent letter in the Guardian:

ID card proposals offer a golden opportunity for the government to show real leadership (Smith targets public sector in ID card hard sell, March 7). A serious trial programme for ID cards should first be applied to ministers, then all MPs, requiring them to have their irises and fingerprints scanned before each entry to parliament. This would be an important practical first test.

The scheme should then be given a few years of extended trials involving all civil servants. If access to all this data were made available to the many appropriate possible users, government departments, local councils, police etc, then by about five years from now it would be more clear whether it is practical, economic, safe and useful enough to be extended to the rest of us.

The first testers should be the kind of people mentioned, who have the experience and maturity to be able to cope well if things go wrong. It would be wrong to test first on young people and students.
Bob Pearson, Bourne, Lincolnshire


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