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Absolute prohibition against torture reaffirmed

Posted in law and order, politicians on liberty by ukliberty on March 10, 2008

As you probably know there is an Article 3 in the European Convention of Human Rights that says,

No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

And this has been interpreted by European and UK courts to mean that people, even if suspected of terrorism, may not be deported to countries where they face a real risk of torture.

(Remember that these are suspects who we haven’t attempted to convict of crimes relating to terrorism.)

I have an older article on Blair’s dishonest whinging about this interpretation with regard to the Convention, which may provide some useful context (also this one).

The UK Government decided to intervene in two cases, Ramzy v Netherlands, and Saadi v Italy, to alter this interpretation of Article 3.

The headoflegal blog reports that, in the case of Saadi, our Government failed to undermine article 3, and provides a link to the judgement.

I expect the outcome of Ramzy will be the same.


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