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Posted in database state, state-citizen relationship by ukliberty on March 4, 2008

Over at Ideal Government, William Heath asks,

Where do we start the conversation on trust?

We’ve written quite a lot about trust and e-government over the years. Where have we got to?

It’s clear that up to a certain – pretty senior – level this is a conversation that makes Whitehall uneasy. At the same time it is absolutely clear that among an enlightened few, including those advising the very top government the growing trust problem is recognised and people are sending out feelers to find new ways forward. What can we offer?

And I’ve been trying to word a reply that didn’t pollute his blog with a rant, because I do want to offer “some constructive, positive and practical suggestions” that don’t alienate anyone.

But – sadly – I’m finding it very difficult, if not impossible,  so I’ll put some thoughts down here.

First, I can’t see how much more the public can offer – we need movement from those in power.

Second, it seems to me that those in power must stop playing at freedom and democracy and actually work at it.  This means:


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  1. taimatsu said, on March 5, 2008 at 11:21 pm

    I’m with you on the consultation issue. I’ve given up even looking at the petitions on the PM’s website, as every time I’ve signed one, the email I’ve received from them after the big ones close has been simplistic, patronising and simply repeating arguments I’d already heard. My feeling is always ‘I’ve heard that already! And I disagree with it! That’s why I signed the petition!’ Incredibly frustrating.

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