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OGC High Court Appeal

Posted in freedom of information, ID Cards by ukliberty on February 28, 2008

I wondered in an earlier post if the House of Commons would appeal the decision made by the Information Tribunal on the expenses system. In case you think that might be a bit cynical, I’ll point you to a SpyBlog post:

OGC High Court Appeal against FOIA disclosure of ID Cards Programme Gateway Reviews now set to start this Monday 3rd March 2008

Why is the Government wasting public money on this High Court Appeal, which they must surely lose, and then be forced to comply with the rulings of both the Information Commissioner and of the Information Tribunal, to fully disclose to the public, the now out of date Home Office Identity Cards Programme early Gateway Reviews ?

All the possible legal arguments were gone into in exhaustive detail, by the barristers and FOIA legal professors, during the 4 day Information Tribunal hearing back in March 2007, which ruled in favour of full disclosure. …

As in the decision on expenses, the original FOIA request here was made over three years ago.

I fear Ben Leapman, Heather Brooke, and Michael Thomas, still have some way to go, but wish them (and indeed SpyBlog) all the best.


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