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DVLA sells 5.3m driver records

Posted in database state, politicians on liberty by ukliberty on January 18, 2008

and what do we get out of it?  Harassment from cowboy clampers?  Yeah, great.

The Register:

The DVLA’s sale of driver details to anyone with £2.50 to spare must stop, says the Scottish National Party, having uncovered just how many peoples’ records have been sold by the department.

Christine Grahame, an SNP Member of the Scottish Parliament, accused the agency of recklessly handing out driver and vehicle requests to private companies. …

Last year the DVLA sold 1.3m records to private companies – a 54 per cent increase in five years. Grahame made the FOI request because several of her constituents were wrongly sent fines from private parking companies demanding payment. She said letters were written in a way which left people frightened and intimidated. …


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  1. Irdial said, on January 25, 2008 at 11:29 am

    This comes down to the fact that your data is your property, and no one has the right to sell it without your permission. Once data is treated like valuable property, then property law can be applied to it and all this nonsense will stop. What the DVLA is doing is simple theft; actually, it is more like prostitution, since they are renting out their list. It is shameful, wrong and totally beyond their correct remit of issuing drivers licenses.

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