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Posted in law and order by ukliberty on January 4, 2008

North Wales Chief Constable David Brunstrom is in a spot of bother for calling for the legalisation (and presumably regulation) of drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Chris Bryant MP said,

I think these [Brustrom’s] are very dangerous views. Ecstasy is not a safe drug and the people who sell ecstasy to youngsters in the Rhondda also sell heroin and the whole shooting range of drugs.

In other words, prohibition doesn’t work, indeed exposes youngsters to more addictive and harmful drugs but we should keep it? Yeah, that makes sense…

Flintshire councillor and North Wales Police Authority member Terry Renshaw said Mr Brunstrom had his full support.

Mr Renshaw said everyone who referred to Mr Brunstrom as the “mad mullah from Colwyn Bay” should read documents on drugs legalisation he presented to the police authority.

He said while anyone using illegal drugs was criminalised, people were still allowed to buy alcohol and cigarettes, and refusing to examine the issue was “ostrich syndrome”. (BBC)

Well, quite. Aside from the question of whether or not people should be free to abuse their own bodies, there seems to be a social cost associated with any drug – alcohol, tobacco, heroin, cocaine – so should we ban all, some, or none?

Prohibition doesn’t seem to work very well does it? So why do we carry on with something that doesn’t seem to work?


Some notes on the relative safety of Ecstasy in the Times (note the word ‘relative’).#

Update 2

I recalled a group of scientists calling for a new classification system in March 2007 last year.  Their ranking of legal and illegal drugs is interesting.


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