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An analysis of a ‘system failure’ leading to the shooting of de Menezes

Posted in de Menezes by ukliberty on November 12, 2007

In the Register.

The first in the list of responses is interesting:

It used to be the case that mainstream media would present this sort of thoughtful, detailed analysis of high profile stories, trying to cut through the headlines and present the story as it was.

It worries me beyond anything that despite (or, more likely, because of) the expansion in news outlets, rolling news and so on, the most reliable sources of news for me now are Private Eye and The Register.

he most conspicuous symptom of the bankruptcy of news media today is Newsnight: it used to be that once or twice a week there would be a “Newsnight Special Report” where a journalist would have been given time and budget to investigate a topic/story and prepare their own television “essay” on the subject – Charles Wheeler’s reports stay in the memory. These reports are now very rare, a victim of the “Salami cuts” which have just reduced every budget head.

Thank heavens there are still outlets for mature analysis and commentary, albeit in the “less conventional” parts of the media.


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