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Rendition, the movie

Posted in Uncategorized by ukliberty on October 30, 2007

A very interesting article by Brian Barder on this new movie about the practice of extraordinary rendition, and also read Stephen Grey’s comment on Barder’s article, and follow the link to his own article in the New Statesman.

It is interesting to again read the Foreign Office’s infamous leaked memo with the Ministry of Truth’s inline commentary, especially bearing in mind Jack Straw’s lecture (as Minister of Justice, for god’s sake) last week, given that he was Foreign Secretary at the time.

I mean, these people, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw and so on, are lecturing us about liberty, when they have been in a Government that for ten years has systematically eroded or pretty much every single liberty we have in this country, and they have turned a blind eye to such practices as rendition.

It really does beggar belief, that they have the gall to do that – is sociopath the correct term for such people?

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