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Health and Safety 14 – blame the victim?

Posted in de Menezes by ukliberty on October 17, 2007

That crazy cocaine-addled, illegal immigrant rapist.

The Guardian:

Traces of cocaine were found in the urine of Jean Charles de Menezes after he was shot dead by firearms officers, the Old Bailey heard today.

Postmortem toxicology tests revealed traces of the drug in his urine but not in his bloodstream.

Ronald Thwaites QC, defending, asked the pathologist Dr Kenneth Shorrock: “Does that indicate he had relatively recently consumed cocaine?”

Dr Shorrock replied: “I can’t speak with any expertise

So why on earth should we bother with your testimony?

about when he would have consumed it,

Can we find someone who can?

but that plus the presence of benzoylecognine, a breakdown product of cocaine, indicates he had used cocaine at some time.”

Mr Thwaites asked if cocaine had the potential to cause “abnormal or unusual behaviour”.

Dr Shorrock said: “It is a euphoric drug. It is a drug that lifts your mind, it is a stimulant drug. It can make you do things that to somebody who hadn’t used the drug might seem inappropriate and it can make people behave aggressively.”

But the pathologist added that the effects would not necessarily be the same for every individual.

He agreed when Mr Thwaites suggested it could cause “distortion of thought processes” and, when its direct effects wore off, anxiety manifesting itself as paranoia.

“You are abnormally fearful, abnormally apprehensive and abnormally suspicious,” Dr Shorrock said.

But, questioned by Clare Montgomery QC, prosecuting, he said that if cocaine were in “active stimulant mode” you would expect to find it in the bloodstream, which it was not in De Menezes’s case.

So not only does speak without “any expertise”, but he also does not know when de Menezes consumed the cocaine (if indeed he did).

Surely we can simply discount this evidence.

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