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Health and Safety 2

Posted in de Menezes by ukliberty on October 2, 2007

The BBC:

As surveillance officers sat near Mr de Menezes on the tube, firearms officers “burst” onto the platform, said Ms Montgomery. One surveillance officer, codenamed ‘Ivor’, alerted them to Mr de Menezes’ position.

“As the armed officers entered the train, Jean Charles stood up,” said the lawyer. “He was grabbed by ‘Ivor’ and pushed back into his seat.

“Two firearms officers leant over Ivor who was holding Jean Charles and [one] put his pistol against Jean Charles’ head and fired. He was shot seven times and died immediately.”

At the same time, one of the armed officers physically dragged ‘Ivor’ onto the platform while holding a gun against his chest. Ivor shouted he was a policeman and heard more shots in the carriage.

Terrified, the tube driver fled his cab – but was chased by another armed officer into the tunnel.

Ms Montgomery said: “You may think, members of the jury, that the fact the police ended up pointing a gun at another police man and mistaking a terrorised train driver for a bomber gives you a clue as to just how far wrong the operation had gone.”

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