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Gordon Brown’s promise to Scotland

Posted in politicians on liberty by ukliberty on June 20, 2007

The Campaign for an English Parliament:

When Gordon Brown was an ordinary Scottish MP he signed the declaration of the “Scottish Claim of Right”. This document was a public oath committing those who took it to put the interests of the people of Scotland before all other considerations.

Now Gordon Brown is to become Prime Minister for the whole of the United Kingdom, the Campaign for an English Parliament is calling on Gordon Brown to publicly declare that he will not put the interests of any one part of the United Kingdom above any other part of the United Kingdom.

The Claim of Right, signed by Gordon Brown in 1988, read:

We, gathered as the Scottish Constitutional Convention, do hereby acknowledge the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of Government best suited to their needs, and do hereby declare and pledge that in all our actions and deliberations their interests shall be paramount.

Aside from the important question asked by the CEP, I wonder whether it is right for an MP to pledge that the interests of his nation will be paramount over the interests of his constituents.


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  1. M Anderson said, on June 21, 2007 at 5:55 am

    Brown will ignore this because
    a)he can’t admit to even saying it let alone discussing the implications of it
    b)admitting he said it means he’s actually a scottish nationalist
    c)if he is a scottish nationalist then how can he be a british loving wanker? You can’t be both at the same time?
    d)admitting it means that he can’t possibly be unbaised
    d)admitting it means he’s one dozy idiot.
    “[we] do hereby declare and pledge that in ALL our actions and deliberations the [SCOTTISH NATION’S] interests shall be paramount. Did he think that nobody was going to cotton on to this eventually?

    The job he is doing at the exchequer (i.e. sending billions of English tax payers money to scotland)definitely ties in with the pledge he made.
    How anyone could trust him I don’t know.

  2. ukliberty said, on June 21, 2007 at 12:53 pm

    I hope the papers and his political opponents pick up on it.

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