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School curriculum corrupted by politics

Posted in Uncategorized by ukliberty on June 12, 2007

According to Civitas, making an example of science in particular,

whilst professing to want to encourage more pupils to study science, the DfES has introduced a new science curriculum that will probably have the opposite effect. The new approach, introduced last September, conflates the three disciplines of chemistry, physics and biology into ‘scientific literacy’, which has more to do with media studies than hard science.

Students are asked to discuss issues such as global warming and GM crops, based on media coverage, and to consider whether or not scientists can be trusted: ‘We don’t need to flatter young people by asking them what they think about these issues. We do need to help them learn as much as they can about science, so that they can understand what science tells them about the natural world and their place in it… Asking teenagers to make up their minds about anything is pretty daunting. But if you try to ask them to decide if we need to replace the UK’s nuclear power stations, you are far more likely to get the question: “Sir, what is nuclear power?”‘

Independent schools are refusing to do the new science GCSEs since, as Dr Martin Stephen, High Master of St Paul’s puts it, there is ‘a terrifying absence of proper science’, and are opting for the IGCSEs, which largely maintain the three separate disciplines, and which state schools cannot take.

…and physics teacher Wellington Grey, who says:

I am a physics teacher. Or, at least I used to be. My subject is still called physics. My pupils will sit an exam and earn a GCSE in physics, but that exam doesn’t cover anything I recognize as physics. Over the past year the UK Department for Education and the AQA board changed the subject.


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  1. Grey said, on June 13, 2007 at 7:30 am

    Thank you for linking to my site.


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